Coldstream FTO+ 4 Pack of 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filter - All Questions

Coldstream FTO+ 4 Pack of 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filter
Coldstream FTO+ 4 Pack of 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filter
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Can you confirm the filters do not contain aluminium?
Question by: Amy Winchester-Daw on 24 Sep 2021, 12:16
Aluminium is not used in the production of these filters.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 2 Oct 2021, 12:33
1. Are these filters compatible with the Travel Berkey?

2. Do they leach anything into the water? I ask as there is a known issue with Berkey PF-2s leaching Aluminium into filtered water.

Thanks for your time.
Question by: Chris R on 21 Dec 2021, 22:48
Thank you for your questions.

The Coldstream Sentry FTO+ 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filters are compatible with the Travel Berkey system.

Coldstream Sentry FTO+ 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filters employ different technology to Berkey fluoride reduction filters..
The Berkey Flouride Reduction filter (that screws onto the end of the PF2); uses Ion Exchange technology and therefore Aluminum Hydroxide in exchange for fluoride.
The Coldstream filters use Adsorption to remove fluoride from water through calcium phosphate and carbon and do not use Ion Exchange.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.
Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 22 Dec 2021, 13:36
Hi, do the Coldstream Sentry 4 Pack of FTO+ 2.9" x 8" Ceramic Gravity Water Filters fit the Big Berkey 8.5 litre model? Thanks in advance
Question by: Lottie on 18 Jan 2022, 19:02
Yes the Coldstream sentry filters can be used in the system instead of the Black Berkey elements, they are fitted in the top chamber.
Answer by: Sharon Little (Admin) on 19 Jan 2022, 09:57
How often should you replace the filters on a coldstream?
Question by: Sharon Howell on 22 Jan 2022, 09:54
It is recommended to replace used Coldstream Filters every 6 months.
Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 24 Jan 2022, 09:30
I use two filters at the time, which the water through one is a bit slow to run and through other filter is very fast. Have I done something wrong please? I have used these filters before and both filters would run at the same pace , quite slowly. Thank you
Question by: Edita on 4 Feb 2022, 14:13
The filters can have different filtration speed, with most of filters falling within 1 to 2 litres per hour. But it is normal for some filters to be slower or faster than average range.
Would you be able to time each filter?
Answer by: Irina Orlenko (Admin) on 4 Feb 2022, 16:02
Hello, would you be able to tell me if these filters are compatible with the AquaHouse Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter System please? Thank you
Question by: Helen on 26 Feb 2022, 17:31
Each Coldstream Sentry FTO+ filter measures 2.9" x 8", It has a 1/4" BSP threaded connector, (which has a diameter of 13.16mm).

We would advise checking both the diameter of the filter fitting hole on your system and the depth of the top filter chamber of the system to ensure you have the correct size fitting hole and sufficient depth to accommodate the filters.
Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 28 Feb 2022, 11:57
Hi I have a big berkey. Do i use the gravity water filters with the black berkey filters? As you would use the white flouride berkey filters? Thanks
Question by: Romina on 16 Apr 2022, 07:13
You can use these filters in Big Berkey system. These filters achieve fluoride reduction without the need of additional filters. You need to install them instead black elements in top chamber.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko (Admin) on 18 Apr 2022, 22:57

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