4L Countertop Home Water Distiller

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By the 4 L countertop distiller. 4 L water distillers has a Stainless Steel interior and exterior with a Top Quality 4 Litre Glass container with “Easy Lift” Handle.

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4 L domestic countertop home water distillation system comes with outer polished stainless steel body and glass container for distilled water collection. This water distiller produces contaminant - free water by heating water, converting it to vapour, the steam is then captured in a stainless steel coil where it cools to form pure water.

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In Depth Size: 45.5*29.5*27.5cm

Finish: Polished Stainless Steel

Material: 304 Stainless steel

220 - 240 VAC 

750 Watt

Frequency 50 - 60 Hertz 
Filter Parameter E-coli, Chlorine, Sediments, Nitrates, Fluoride, Limescale, Dissolved Solids (TDS), Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals
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Product Questions

Hello. When is this likely to be back in stock?
Thank you
Question by: Joanna PAJAK on 4 Aug 2021, 19:23
in about a week - we are awaiting stock to arrive
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 16 Aug 2021, 17:25
hi there,
how long is the warranty for the distiller please?
Question by: mambrini florian on 27 Dec 2020, 17:11
1 year for manufacturing defects
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 10 Feb 2021, 18:54
Can i use water from this water distiller in my Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas machine?
Question by: Susan Davis on 24 May 2021, 09:50
Yes, you can. You will need to remove the carbon filter from the nozzle to achieve 0 TDS.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 27 May 2021, 23:16