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Osmio HT+ Home & Office Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System
Osmio HT+ Home & Office Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System
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When will this come back in stock? Thanks
Question by: Sanjay on 28 Dec 2020, 03:13
Hi, the system is back in stock now.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 10 Feb 2021, 18:57
Would this system work with a chilling/boiling water system like the Zip Hydrotap? What is the output water pressure?
Question by: KM Tan on 29 Apr 2021, 14:29
3.5 bar. flow rate 1 -2 LPM depending on you incoming pressure
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 21 May 2021, 18:31
Our water is from a spring via a small reservoir, incoming pressure is about
1 bar. Can this product be pumped to increase incoming pressure?
Question by: David Freke on 24 May 2021, 20:24
HT + is a pumped system but requires around 2 bar pressure. You can look into the noninstalled system - Osmio Zero https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/water-filters/reverse-osmosis-water-filters/zip-portable-reverse-osmosis-system.html. Please give us a shout on 03301137181 if you require further clarification.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 27 May 2021, 23:13
I can't see how much of each contaminant is removed. Is there are table listing this info anywhere. I am particularly interested in exactly how much lead is removed. thank you.
Question by: Geoffrey Dorje Soma on 6 Jun 2021, 18:10
The main filter of the system is an ERO membrane. The RO membrane uses a separation process on the ionic level to reduce contaminants. Typically RO membrane will achieve 98-99% lead and other heavy metal reduction.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 17 Jun 2021, 18:08
Can the RO System be laid horizontally.
Question by: Zee on 9 Jun 2021, 01:43
HT+ has to be standing up. We have a D7 system - it can be standing up or laid horizontally
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 17 Jun 2021, 17:52
Hello, can this be wired directly on the main water tap ? I don't want to install a second tap. Why is it recommended to have 2 taps instead of 1 which does RO?
Question by: Arty on 20 Jun 2021, 11:43
The system can be installed with a separate tap or with a 3-way tap. The system produces around 1 litre per minute of purified water on demand and some wastewater and not suitable for connection to a two-way mixer tap.
you can find a range of our three-way taps on the link below.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 21 Jun 2021, 17:40

Please can you tell me if the post anti bacterial filter adds any minerals ie : calcium & magnesium ?

All the best
Question by: Steve on 5 Jul 2021, 14:20
Hi, yes post filter is remineralising filter with bacterial control properties
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 6 Jul 2021, 17:59
1 liter per min sounds rather little for kitchen use? Can this be used as main kitchen tap and will is it always using filtered water or you can switch to unfiltered to clean dishes?
Question by: Greg on 28 Aug 2021, 08:51
The Reverse Osmosis system is installed with a single dispensing tap (supplied with the system) or the 3-way tap - see the link.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 5 Sep 2021, 08:29
hi, do one of the filters that come with the system filter / remove chloramine? Im looking for a RO system that removes chlorine, fluoride, chloramine and also remineralises the water.
Can this system have the necessary filters inserted, to do the above, at the same time?
Question by: aled moss on 28 Sep 2021, 22:41
RO systems reduce chloramine well, as the water gets a slow pass through the carbon filters. To improve the chloramine reduction rates chloramine reduction carbon block can be used instead of the standard carbon block. The carbon filter will also reduce chlorine. Fluoride reduction is achieved by a membrane.
The last filtration stage is adding minerals.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 2 Oct 2021, 07:43
How much waste water for one litre of purified water? What can you do with the waste water: irrigation, plants watering etc....?
Question by: Ovidiu Cristian Rusu on 30 Sep 2021, 11:29
The waste ratio for this system is 2 L of waste to 1 L of purified water at 3 bar incoming pressure. You can use water for irrigating of plants not sensitive to high mineral content, however, normally waste is discharged to the drain.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 2 Oct 2021, 07:34

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