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Osmio Azzurra 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap Spray Hose

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Quick Overview

The Osmio Azzurra is a very high quality 3 Way Tri-flow Kitchen Mixer Tap with a Spray Hose. It makes the ideal solution for a 3 in 1 kitchen mixer tap by combining elegant design and superb functionality. The Osmio Azzurra would be a welcome addition to a top quality home or workplace kitchen and uses separate water paths to ensure that the filtered water pathway is not mixed with any unfiltered water.

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Osmio Azzurra 3-Way (Tri-Flow) Kitchen Tap Spray Hose

3 Way Tap Triflow Tap Kitchen Mixer with Spray Hose Osmio Azzurra

The Osmio Azzurra is a very high quality 3 Way Tri-flow Kitchen Mixer Tap with a Spray Hose. It makes the ideal solution for a 3 in 1 kitchen mixer tap by combining elegant design and superb functionality. The Osmio Azzurra would be a welcome addition to a top quality home or workplace kitchen and uses separate water paths to ensure that the filtered water pathway is not mixed with any unfiltered water.

The filtered water is dispensed via the horizontal spout, which has a smooth swivel action to be positioned as required.  The build quality of the Osmio Azzurra 3 Way Tri-flow Tap is second to none with a very heavy solid brass construction with a durable chrome highly polished surface.

The swan-necked spray hose has a dual control feature for different spray variations and is controlled with via the ceramic cartridge lever, a mark of long-lasting great quality.

The full kit comes complete with flexible hoses and fitting parts. We offer a wide range of very high quality water filter systems you can purchase along with this stunningly elegant, modern and top quality 3 way tri-flow kitchen mixer tap with spray hose.

How the Tap Handles Work

The diagram below shows how the tap handles work. The right hand lever pushes out and moves away from you for hot water and towards you for cold water and anywhere between mixes hot and cold. The left hand lever will move towards you and provide the filtered water - or if you are using a water softener and your cold and hot side is softened, you can have this side providing the hard water for drinking, which can be filtered or not as you prefer.

3 Way Tap - 2 Handle Function

Dimensions & Technical Drawing

The Osmio Azzurra has a slightly shorter little sister! The Azzurra Breve, which stands at 475 mm from the base if you need something a little shorter. 

Below are the dimensions for the Osmio Azzurra 3 Way Spray Hose Kitchen Mixer Tap:

3 Way Tap Triflow Tap Kitchen Mixer with Spray Hose Osmio Azzurra Dimensions

3 Way Tap Spray Hose  Triflow

PLEASE NOTE: Supplied with 1/2" MALE Hoses. Hose does eventually get lose which will create a small leak from where the hose connects to the column. It is very simple to solve this just by using a small adjustable spanner. Handles may also eventually get lose and you need a small set of Allen keys to tighten then back on.

Download 3 Way Tap Installation and Maintenance Guide

Adding a Filter System - Your Options

As we are specialists in water filtration, you have plenty of viable filter kit options to add to your 3-way tap, ranging from the simple to the advanced. Here is a quick summary of options which you can add to your purchase. Click on the links below to find a solution for your water concerns:

In-Line Systems

In-line systems offer a very user-friendly experience for someone having a specific issue with their water, whether this would be reducing chlorine in the water, or looking to remove scum on their hot drinks, we are highlighting two unique under sink kits to tackle common issues found in water.

Osmio Ultra-Pure 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: A great but simple inline system which utilises a top-of-the-line carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment reduction whilst maintaining good pressure from incoming water.

Osmio Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: If you are experiencing build up in your kettle, the first step to moving towards a simpler, cheaper solution than new appliances is our Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit, reducing the build-up of limescale and addressing the scum in your hot drinks.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are looking to delve into an advanced water filtration system, which would indicate that you're looking for the purest water available and want to go beyond bottled water quality, providing crystal clear ice cubes, scum-free tea and coffee and clean and crisp drinking water. The range of systems we have put together were designed for providing safer, healthier water. Just as we offer a wide range of in-line systems we offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis systems additionally ranging from our premium economy models to our top of the range systems which you can find more information about below.

Osmio Black Line Systems: Experience clean, high quality drinking water every time you turn on the tap with our range of black line systems, we offer four different models to choose from, the 5-stage system in pumped or non-pumped which is ideal for water changes in an aquarium and the 7-stage pumped and non-pumped which is a fantastic model for family usage, the benefit for both models is that it provides incredible water without a premium cost. 

BMB-10 & BMB-20: Where the quality of life with owning a reverse osmosis system comes to the fore-front, the system is designed on a self-supporting metal stand, which means that you will not need to mount this system underneath the sink, it can move freely and makes for easier filter changes, the filters themselves offer a 12-month lifespan which makes for less maintenance.

BMB-30 Nova Pro: The highest end of the spectrum, is our BMB-30 Nova Pro 9 Stage Direct Flow System, an intelligent system with smart water capability that provides a visual display of your filter life expectancy as well as having an impressive nine stages of filtration, an out of this world product with the added bonus of being direct flow which means that no water will sit in a tank for any length of time, we believe that you should take care of water as it is living thing, able to keep water running from system to tap.

Additional Information

Model Osmio Azzurra 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap Spray Hose
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter No
In Depth Features:

Seperate internal water paths so filtred water does not mix with hot and cold
Dual control swan neck professional spout for mixed water only
Quarter turn ceramic valve for filtered
Ceramic cartridge for mixed water
Horizontal spout for filtered water
Complete with flexible hoses and NRV's


Weight - 5kg
Height - 565 mm
Tap base hole size: 35 mm

Water Pressure & Flow Chart

This tap will produce the following flow rates according to the incoming pressure on both hot and cold:

0.5 bar - 0.4L/M / 0.5 bar - 0.4L/M
1.0 bar - 1.6L/M / 1.0 bar - 1.4L/M
1.5 bar - 3.6L/M / 1.5 bar - 3.4L/M
2.0 bar - 5.6L/M / 2.0 bar - 5.6L/M
2.5 bar - 7.6L/M / 2.5 bar - 6.8L/M

It is therefore recommended that this tap only be used on a pressurised hot water system. It may be used on a gravity fed hot water system provided the incoming pressure produces a flow rate that is acceptable to you, or if the gravity fed hot water system is pumped and pressurised.

Warranty: 5 year long warranty on the valves and 1 year on the finish
  1. Very pleased review by Ron on 21/11/2017

    This tap is excellent quality and looks great.
    Very good value for money
    Delivery was fast and the item well packed

  2. Fantastic tap review by Jojo on 29/10/2017

    Bought this tap to use with a water softener. It was £120 cheaper than other sites which was a winner right from the start. The tap arrived the next day in perfect condition. Looks beautiful now fitted and works beautifully. Even my plumber commented on what a nice tap it was. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend

  3. Style over substance review by ARF on 25/08/2016

    I was very interested in the water filter side of the product. However we honestly can't tell the difference ! Is this a case of style over substance.


    Hello ARF we have many differnet water filter systems from the most basic to the ultra-pure, so this tap is compatible with all of them, please get in touch with us to discuss your problem and we can look at upgrading your filter.

  4. Modern stylish tap review by JG on 20/06/2016

    Had ordered the shorted tap initially but had 2 small dents at the base. When I called the Co they made it really easy for me to return the tap without any hassle.
    As the replacement tap was out of stock I paid the extra and bought the taller version which was delivered the next working day....I am now glad I bought the taller tap as it looks absolutely amazing and a real feature in the kitchen.
    In addition I got a refund promptly again without any hassle.

  5. Excellent tap review by NH on 18/01/2015

    Very pleased with the tap - looks good and is as effective as I hoped it would be

  6. Beautiful review by Rebecca on 03/05/2013

    I'm in love with this tap. Looks stunning in our new kitchen and very happy with the quality.

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Can you please explain how the pull out spray hose works, is that a button on the end of the spray and what does this do? Also what are the different spray variations?

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