Osmio EZFITPRO-100 Undersink Water Filter Kit 15mm Push Fit - All Questions

Osmio EZFITPRO-100 Undersink Water Filter Kit 15mm Push Fit
Osmio EZFITPRO-100 Undersink Water Filter Kit 15mm Push Fit
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Does filter stop lime scale
Question by: R Williams on 16 Jun 2021, 07:06
No, the filter is not reducing limescale. Please get in touch with us on 03301137181 or info@osmiowater.co.uk with your requirements and we will be able to recommend the product you need.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 17 Jun 2021, 16:52
Does it remove farm pesticides
Question by: Bill on 12 Jul 2021, 15:04
Yes, carbon will do pesticide reduction. Effectiveness will depend on influent levels. If you are on the private water supply - please get in touch with us as we need more information to recommend a suitable system.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 19 Jul 2021, 14:08
Hi does it remove PFAS
Question by: Mark Cawley on 12 Dec 2021, 22:46
Thanks for your question

Activated carbon is capable of reducing PAFS, to some degree, but the level of reduction achieved with Activated carbon will depend on many factors, like, the concentration of chemicals in the water and the contact time between the water and the filter etc.

Reverse Osmosis technology would be the most suitable method of PFAS reduction, with reduced levels of typically 93-96% reduction.

If you are concerned about the levels of any particular contaminant the only way to be sure of the exact level of reduction is to check the influent and effluent of the filter system over a period of time getting both tested at a laboratory.

We offer Point of use Reverse Osmosis systems, Please see the link below.


Should you want any further assistance, please contact us and we will be able to advise further.
Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 14 Dec 2021, 09:17
Does this product remove salt?
Question by: Jason on 18 Dec 2021, 11:31
No, the EZfit Pro 100 will not remove salt. Please get in touch with us on 03301137181 or info@osmiowater.co.uk with your requirements and we will be able to recommend the product you need.
Answer by: mark burness (Admin) on 20 Dec 2021, 13:32
I plan to install a water-distiller in the house I will be moving to soon. But after investigating the distillation systems I find that the process leaves an amazing quantity of "scale" (for lack of a better term) in the source container. This is the material that was in the pre-distilled water, now "left behind" by the process. Cleaning this out often seems like quite the hassle, because the cleaning process leaves behind a great deal of the scale. And so, the cleaning process (usually with vinegar or similar) needs to be repeated many times with brushing between each time to get the source-container clean. My question is this. Would installing this device between the house input water source and the distilled-water source container remove a substantial percentage of this "scale" material, and thereby make the cleaning process similar (since less scale is deposited in the source-container)?
Question by: Max on 26 Jan 2022, 04:25
No it would not because it is a carbon block which is designed for dissolved gases like chlorine. You should look at using a salt based water softener or DI resin. However it would be much better to use a reverse osmosis system to to make water very pure, but if you want it to be 0 TDS then just use DI resin, like the Osmio HT+ Lab and Dental Reverse Osmosis System, it is far more efficient at making water to the same or better quality (distillers aren't great for dissolved gases below water boiling point).
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 26 Jan 2022, 09:38
How many litres does one cartridge filter? Does this unit come with a litre counter? If it doesn't come with a litre counter do you sell or recommend a litre counter I can install with this filter system.
Question by: Alan on 28 Feb 2022, 07:13
The life of the filter is dependent on the hardness of your water and the chlorine that it contains.

Filter housings do not contain a water flow meter to measure throughput, nor do we sell or recommend such units, You will not find such items used in domestic filters like these.

We recommend changing this filter after a maximum time of 6 months as all filter systems can promote microbiological growth within the filter medium.

Should the filter become exhausted by usage, then the taste and odor of the filter would change, thus indicating its need for replacement

Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 28 Feb 2022, 16:53
Hi. Does this remove lead? Thanks
Question by: Kane Irving on 26 Mar 2022, 21:08
This does reduce lead but there is a better option Lead Reduction Carbon Block which is optimised for that: https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/lrc-2510-05.html , the housing is also available separately: https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/replacement-water-filter-cartridges-membranes/water-filter-accessories/water-filter-housings/watts-flowmatic-premium-2-5-x-10-inch-white-filter-housing.html
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 28 Mar 2022, 10:21
Hi, how do you change the filter? Do you need a plumber or is it laymen friendly. Thank you, Emma
Question by: Emma on 2 Apr 2022, 10:15
Hi, you do not need a plumber to change the filter.
1. Turn off the water supply to the filter and tap & open the tap to release the water pressure, leave the tap open.
2. Unscrew the filter bowl from the housing with the spanner provided.
3. Check & regrease the o-ring with plumber's silicon grease.
4. Insert the new filter, replace the housing bowl & retighten (being careful not to overtighten).
5. Turn the water supply back on & flush for 5 minutes.
6. Close the tap and adjust the pressure release screw on the system to release any air, a little bit of water will come out, then fully tighten the screw.
The full manual can be downloaded here: https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/mwdownloads/download/link/id/5/
Answer by: mark burness (Admin) on 4 Apr 2022, 12:15
Hi, just wondering if this filter removes BPAs? I will have a plastic water container in my van and I don't want to ingest a load of plastic! Thank you :)
Question by: Alisha on 22 Apr 2022, 17:13
The carbon block filter in the EZfit Pro 100 system will reduce BPS and BPA, but the level of reduction will depend on contact time and influent level (how much is in the water drawn from the tank). Ideally, for 99% reduction of BPA we would recommend reverse osmosis, such as the Osmio Zero.
Answer by: mark burness (Admin) on 25 Apr 2022, 09:29
Does installation require a plumber?
Question by: Ali on 4 May 2022, 05:20
This depends on the DIY skills, it is straight forward to install - please see manual under section ''files'' under product description.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko (Admin) on 4 May 2022, 10:17

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