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Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas/Water Production Electrolysis System
Osmio Infinity Hydroxy Gas/Water Production Electrolysis System
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I was wondering how much does one of these machines (hopefully will buy one in the close future) cost to run? What is it's power output rating?
Question by: Michael Jones on 11 Jan 2021, 04:43
It uses 4p per hour of electricity roughly (on today's prices) and then there is about 40ml of pure water per hour used, so that needs to be distilled or reverse osmosis and DI resin. Add a few pence to that and my guess would be you would be well within a cost of 10 per hour.
Answer by: Mark Kent on 10 Feb 2021, 18:46
What if we don't have a grounded outlet in the sleeping room? What is the danger of using the infinity with an undrounded outlet?
Question by: Daniel Khan on 29 Mar 2021, 11:45
We do not recommend using Osmio Infinity in an ungrounded outlet. Ungrounded outlets increase the chance of Electrical fire and they are a health hazard. Without the ground present, errors that occur with your outlet may cause arcing, sparks, and electrical charge that can spawn fire along walls, or on nearby furniture and fixtures. Ungrounded outlets present a very real risk of shock to people who are using electronics and appliances plugged into the ungrounded outlet.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 30 Mar 2021, 16:54
"Please Contact Courier to Arrange Customs Clearance" DON'T NEED THIS ADDITIONAL HEADACHE.
Question by: Ali on 15 Aug 2021, 19:18
We do not have a distributor in USA, and customs clearance is a standard procedure. It normally goes smoothly, DHL or TNT will send you an email to request information & also courier will send you a link to pay local taxes and duties. Once it is done - the system is delivered.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 16 Aug 2021, 16:39
I have asthma since early age,
I am interested in participating in your clinical trials, if you re still doing them,
I can see your video is from dec/20
so if you still have openings please get in touch
many thanks
Kind Regards
R Ohalloran
Question by: R OHALLORAN on 4 Jan 2022, 23:15
The University of Kent will be recruiting study participants soon. We will be in touch directly to see if you can participate in study.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko (Admin) on 5 Jan 2022, 11:09
One of my family doesn't like the taste of the water.
Can flavouring be added like squash or juice?
Question by: amelia knox on 23 Apr 2022, 08:07
Yes indeed, you can add squash or juice to the water, once it has been decanted from the humidifier. Of course, you must only drink the water from humidifier #2 and the TDS of the water should be confirmed as 0ppm, prior to adding the squash/juice.
Answer by: mark burness (Admin) on 25 Apr 2022, 09:25
There are no air bubbles coming out of the either of the humidifier
Question by: PRIYANK SHAH on 24 Apr 2022, 15:21
Please follow the troubleshooting guidelines on page 38 of the manual and if you need further assistance please let us know
Answer by: Sharon Little (Admin) on 25 Apr 2022, 11:52
Is the training course for the Osmio Infinity done online and how long does it take. I have a health spa and would need each of my employees to become trained. Is there a charge for taking the training course or receiving the certificate of completion? I am in US and wondering what would be the approximate amount of duty?
Question by: Bill King on 28 Apr 2022, 20:27
Hello Bill,
Yes, the Infinity training course is carried out online, I would allow a couple of hours to go through the material & complete the safety quiz. Every person that is going to be operating the system would need to complete the training. There is no additional charge for the training, nor the certificate of completion. Please contact us at info@osmiowater.co.uk to obtain a shipping quote.
Answer by: mark burness (Admin) on 29 Apr 2022, 09:21

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