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Water Filtration - there are many levels to it

There is a choice in life, and a big one is how far to go with your water filtration. As you rise up the pyramid, the impurities are smaller on the nanometre scale and become more complex to remove or reduce. For example, pesticides and viruses are much smaller than heavy metals and bacteria. Wherever you choose to be, there are a few basic things worth knowing.

There are 3 basic ways water can be filtered - absorption, ion exchange, and separation. Absorption is commonly done by media types like carbon which absorb like a sponge and eventually get exhausted, and usually need 6 monthly changes. Ion exchange is when one impurity is reduced by in exchange for something else introduced, a good example being softening resin, which attracts limescale minerals and exchanges those with sodium. Separation is done at the very top of the pyramid, in the pure water category, and is either done by distillation or by reverse osmosis. 

Water Filtration Pyramid Spectrum

Water is H2O - a bond between the most powerful oxidiser O and the most powerful reducer, H2

Hydrogen is made in the guts through the anaerobic fermentation of food, which releases hydrogen gas. This binds with oxygen from the air we breathe to make metabolic water. Find out how hydrogen and deuterium play such a foundational role in the water which powers the mitochondria, the battery of the human cell.



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