Push Fit Pressure Reduction Valve

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1/4" or 3/8" pushfit pressure reduction valve.  Please choose which connection you require from the options below.  Maximum inlet pressure 12.5 kg/cm2  (12.2 bar) Please note this valves comes preset, 40 psi/2.75 bar and is not adjustable.

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1/4" of 3/8" pressure reduction valve 

Please note that your standing water pressure can increase up an additional 2 bar at night time.

We highly recommending protecting your entire property if possible with a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) which can protect all appliances and plumbing from any increases or spikes in water pressure that can and do happen, which causes filter systems and other plumbing to leak.

If you are unable to fit a PRV at point of entry then we recommending using this inline PRV to ensure that the maximum pressure for your filter system/kit is never exceeded.


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