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We provide a hassle free UK-wide installation & maintenance service

water filter softener installation serviceHave your water filters, taps and softeners system supplied and installed with Osmio Water. We cater for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. To get the process started, please contact us on 0800 002 9533 or add 0785 232 3666 to your mobile phone contacts and send us a message by text or WhatsApp.

We will ask you the following:

1) Are you renting or do you own the property?
2) How many bathrooms and occupants are there?
3) How tell me what kind of concerns do you have about the water quality and are there are specific problems or symptoms you want to solve?

For under sink drinking water filter systems:

Please send pictures/video of under the sink cupboard (plus any adjacent cupboards if there are any), the nearest power socket (if there is an appliance like dishwasher or washing machine next to the undersink cupboard, there would usually be a power socket behind there), a picture of the sink and tap area. You can email this or send it via whatsapp or wechat to 07852323666.

For whole house filter or softeners:

Send some pictures/video of the mains incoming stopcock (this could be anywhere in the house, there will always be an outside one, but we are looking for an inside one, which is the point where the water comes into the house and before it branches off around the house - this place could be basement, garage, utility room, under stairs, under the kitchen sink or somewhere else). The mains incoming stopcock usually has a yellow and green earthing cable attached to it. You can email this or send it via whatsapp or wechat to 07852323666.

Our team have deep product knowledge and together with an appreciation of the space available for installation, we can advise you on the best options available to you. Once you have made a decision you will receive a written quote. You can ring to pay by card or make a BACS transfer after which you will receive a call from the engineering team administrator to book and confirm installation date and time with you. The cost of the entire installation will be the cost of the equipment you purchase plus the cost of the installation, see our prices below. Please note installation is subject to availability. 

Point of use: click here to learn more 

Undersink Water Filter System Filter Change - £90.00 including VAT

Undersink Water Filter Installation - £160.00 including VAT and materials

Undersink Water Filter Installation with 3 Way Tap - £190.00 including VAT and materials

Electrical Socket Installation - £190.00 including VAT and materials

Point of entryclick here to learn more 

Whole House System Filter Change - £90.00 including VAT

Any Whole House Filter System/Water Softener System - £330.00 including VAT and materials

The day of the installation

Osmio Water provide an installation service either directly or subcontracted to our nationwide installation partner. Who better to install for you in your home, workplace or anywhere else than our knowledgeable and reliable, people who will always do a quality, professional and clean job who are highly familiar with the equipment being installed!

Expect a good clean job. We are fully insured and use Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) and will identify any risks before carrying out the job. Our plumbers will carry out checks after the work is complete and take you through the system and installation. They will also be able to answer any questions you have and demonstrate how to change your filters if you want to know. You can rest assured that if there is ever a problem, we will return quickly to rectify it. You can then get on with enjoying your new water filtration/treatment system provided by Osmio Water.

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