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A growing body of evidence is showing that water fluoridation might not be a safe and effective way of tackling tooth decay

Fluoride is general term for a compound of fluorine which has the chemical symbol F and is an abundant mineral.  Most water supplies contain some type of fluoride and it is very common to detect at least some measure of natural fluoride in your mains supplied tap water, even if this fluoride is not added by the water company. These could be naturally formed fluorine compounds such as calcium fluoride or any other different types of naturally occurring fluorides). 

In the UK around 6-8 million people receive water that has had the fluoride concentration raised to between 1-1.5 mg/l (or part per million). Most of the artificial fluoride added to public water supplies comes from silicofluorides, chemicals produced mainly as by-products from the manufacture of various manufacturing processes.

The West Midlands has the biggest water fluoridation scheme in the UK, which serves over three-quarters of the local population. There are also smaller schemes in operation in other parts of the country, including the North East, the East Midlands, Eastern England, the North West and Yorkshire and Humber.

The following UK water utility companies currently artificially fluoridate their supply:

- Anglian Water Services Ltd
- Northumbrian Water Ltd
- South Staffordshire Water plc
- Severn Trent plc
- United Utilities Water plc

    If you are concerned about fluoride in your water and want to reduce it, we offer effective solutions. Browse the range of systems we offer to remove fluoride from your drinking water below.

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