Osmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap

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The Osmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap is a very high-quality 3 Way Tap with solid construction, weighty with a perfect finish. We can guarantee you will love the quality of this tap. The tap looks fantastic with any black or dark sink.

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Osmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap

The Osmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap is a very high-quality 3-Way Tap with solid construction, weighty with a perfect finish. We can guarantee you will love the quality of this tap. The tap looks fantastic with any black or dark sink.

Why not have it all in one?

Do not need to drill another hole for your water filter system. The Osmio Bella 3-Way Tap provides a simple way to make your kitchen look modern, clean and beautiful. This fantastic 3 in 1 kitchen mixer tap will save space and give your kitchen that modern 21st-century appeal.

The Osmio Bella Chrome 3 Way Tap is an elegantly designed, easy-functioning tri-flow tap which makes a bold statement in any modern kitchen. The tap supplies hot, cold and purified water with the purified water being delivered by an independent line to avoid mixing with unfiltered hot and cold water tap water.

Adding a Filter System - Your Options

As we are specialists in water filtration, you have plenty of viable filter kit options to add to your 3-way tap, ranging from the simple to the advanced. Here is a quick summary of options which you can add to your purchase. Click on the links below to find a solution for your water concerns:

In-Line Systems

In-line systems offer a very user-friendly experience for someone having a specific issue with their water, whether this would be reducing chlorine in the water, or looking to remove scum on their hot drinks, we are highlighting two unique under-sink kits to tackle common issues found in water.

Osmio Ultra-Pure 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: A great but simple inline system which utilises a top-of-the-line carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment reduction whilst maintaining good pressure from incoming water.

Osmio Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: If you are experiencing build up in your kettle, the first step to moving towards a simpler, cheaper solution than new appliances is our Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit, reducing the build-up of limescale and addressing the scum in your hot drinks.

Osmio Ultra-Ceram 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: Not recommended if your pressure is very low, minimum 2 bar. Uses a 0.2-micron ceramic layer for microorganisms and top-level performance for heavy metal and chemical reduction parameters.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are looking to delve into an advanced water filtration system, which would indicate that you're looking for the purest water available and want to go beyond bottled water quality, providing crystal clear ice cubes, scum-free tea and coffee and clean and crisp drinking water. The range of systems we have put together were designed to provide safer, healthier water. Just as we offer a wide range of in-line systems we offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis Systems additionally ranging from our premium economy models to our top-of-the-range systems.

Osmio HT+ Home & Office Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System - If you have a large household or just really need an installed system for your home or office, then the Osmio HT+ Home & Office Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System is a super option and represents the great value. The system produces about 1 litre per minute on average (it varies according to incoming pressure) but the flow is pure and freshly made through all filters. This can save an average of 10,000 litres of water per year and avoids the build-up of bacteria and biofilm and stinky tank water with no tank maintenance. The days of tank-based RO systems are over! Join the smart technology community and enjoy a slower but purer flow on tap with much better hygiene and environmental friendliness The neighbours will be jealous!

Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

Money Back Guarantee

We often get asked by customers whether they can see it in person before buying, which we cannot do as we are an internet-based retailer. For this reason, we can offer the best prices but also a no-quibble guarantee, so if the tap is unused and in its original packaging and you want to return it to us for whatever reason you will receive a full refund (if you return the product within 90 days of purchase).


The Osmio range of 3-way taps comes with our extended 3-year warranty on valves and O-rings.  We also stock replacement parts and valves to ensure your tap will be in good working order.

Tap Surface Finish

We offer a one-year warranty for the finish as the tap surface can be damaged if you use any cleaning products to clean the tap, we recommend that you follow the cleaning instructions below.

Tap Dimensions

 Osmio Bella Chrome 3 Way Tap Dimensions

 3-Way Tap Maintenance Videos - changing Hot and Cold and Filter Valves

Osmio Bella Tap Parts Exploded Diagram >

Download the manual which covers the complete installation and maintenance guide for the system from the files section below.

More Information
ModelOsmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap
In DepthOsmio Bella Chrome 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap


Valve Core Material: Ceramic, Ceramic Plate Spool
Surface Treatment: Chrome
Rotatable Spout: Yes
Zinc Alloy handle, embedded 35 mm ceramic cartridge (lifetime > 500,000 cycles)
Middle of Tap Base to Filtered Water Aerator Measurement: 200 mm
Red/blue markings on handle for hot/cold identification.
Control handle shall return to neutral position when valve is turned off.
Maximum 1.5 GPM flow rate 60 PSI (5.7L/min)
Water Pressure Maximum: 0.60.05 MPa (6 Bar) - we recommend a minimum incoming pressure of 1.0 Bar - therefore the tap may be unsuitable for gravity fed water systems.
Comes supplied with three hoses: 2 x 1/2" Female for hot and cold water connection, 1 x M12 male with an adaptor for 1/4" tubing to connect to filtered/hard water.
Adaptors can be supplied for connection to either 1/4" or 3/8" tubing.

Material - Brass Body
Finish - Chrome
Number of Handles - Dual Handles
Installation - Deck Mounted
Spout Type - Swivel Spout
Total Height of Faucet - 12-1/2"
Spout Height - 12"
Spout Spread - 8-1/5"
Shipping Weight - 2.2 KG
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Product Questions

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1) Does the Bella have a swivel neck?
2) Is the Bella suitable for connection to a softened water system and unsoftened drinking water?
Question by: mike on 21 Aug 2023, 17:44
1) Yes, all our 3 way taps do
2) Yes, and if you use a Reverse Osmosis system you do not need a hard water bypass, as the reverse osmosis filters out the sodium carbonate added by a salt softener system, so in this case you just bypass the garden tap.
3) Salt Softeners resin gets damaged by chlorine, making them 8-10% more inefficient every year, so go well with Carbon Block Whole House Filters and others designed to remove chlorine. This makes softeners life radically improve
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 21 Aug 2023, 18:25
1) Yes, all the 3-way taps neck/spouts swivel. There are O rings there to make the seal. It is important to grease them when the movement inevitably gets more stiff, or else those o rings will get damaged and make a leak there, there are spare parts for all of them.
2) Yes, there are 3 separate hoses. You can use RO systems to avoid needing a bypass and to get the best water quality.
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 22 Aug 2023, 13:50