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If you want freshly purified and chilled water on demand, without the hassle and expense of buying and refrigerating bottled water, our under sink water chiller are perfect for you.

Better yet, our under-sink water chillers can be purchased with any of our water filters, providing you with the ultimate choice and providing a constant source of chilled filtered water, free from the taste and odours and impurities commonly found in the UK mains water supply.

Our Under-Sink Water Chillers are ideal for customers looking for solutions for both the home and workplace. If you're looking for some more advice or a recommendation, please call our friendly and helpful team on 0800 002 9533.

How do the Under Sink Water Chillers actually work?

The Under-Sink Water Chiller takes a feed in from the mains tap water. It does this using any a self-piercing saddle valve which anyone can install (no plumber required). You simply connect the saddle valve around the cold-water pipe, tighten with a spanner and then connect your tubing to this. It is a very simple task which anyone can do. Then your tubing can be connected to our filtration system to undergo the purification. Once the water has been purified the tubing then connects (using our simple quick connect fittings) to the under sink water chiller. The water passes through the direct chiller and then back out again and straight to your dedicated tap. You can use the water chiller with a 3-way tap to connect cold, hot and chilled filtered water to a single kitchen tap.

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