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Whole House Water Filter Comparisons

Whole House Water Filter Comparisons

Whole House Water Filters filter all the water for your home, making purer water for drinking, bathing, showering and to protect and prolong the life of your home appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, taps and so on). Compare our most popular whole house filter systems for what they will treat and their suitability for your home.

Ecosoft Water SoftenersNon Salt Liquid Water SoftenersCartbon Block Whole House SystemChloramine Whole House FIlter SystemDual Whole House Filter SystemTAC and Carnon Whole House Filter20Active Ceramics Small Whole House SystemTriple Whole House Filter SystemOsmio PRO-II Whole House FIlter SystemOsmio PRO-II Adavnced Whole House SystemOsmio PRO-III Whole House Filter SystemOsmio PRO III Ultimate Whole House SystemOsmio PRO-III Ultimate XL Whole House SystemOsmio PRO-II A XL Whole Filter SystemEZFITPRO400 Water Image Map

* - The liquid softeners uses hexapolyphosphate to coat the limescale minerals in the water and help prevent bonding. You may still experience some limescale appearance which within a period of around 72 hours wipes off easily rather than scrubs off. The liquid also provides a silky and soft feel, similar to salt based softeners but without the lathering effect that they have on the soap. We have much anecdotal evidence from customers that the liquid softeners are proving very effective at relieving the symptoms of dryness and itchiness associated with hard water. Please also note the maximum hardness level for use of the liquid systems is 350 PPM (calcium Carbonate), which if you don't know then you can find this on your water companies website.

TAC** - uses a technique known as Template Assisted Crystallisation which inhibits limescale formation for up to 72 hours ina  reaction which prevents the hard bonding of calcium and magnesium. After 72 hours the water returns to a normal hard state. Therefore the system is more suited to scale protection of plumbing systems and not for aesthetic scale removal.

50%** Refers to a national average of 50% inhibition of limescale formation.

NB - please note that the ticks in some cases do not necessarily represent 100% reduction as this is largely dependent on incoming water quality, but can mean exactly this and an average minimum of 85% unless otherwise stated or just represent what they treat.  Filter change frequency can also vary depending on the nature and quality of water used for purification.


How to find the right system for your home


Size Matters

Before choosing your whole house water filter system, it is vital to know where it will be installed. This is because the systems come in various shapes and sizes and you need to know whether it can fit. Usually whole house filter systems are installed where the rising main comes into your property (which is why they are often referred to as "Point of Entry Systems"). The reason for this is so that the whole house water filter or treatment system can start as soon as the water enters the home's plumbing system.

You will find a stop cock or main water supply shutoff valve at the point where the rising main enters the property. Sometimes this can be outside your property, and whole house filter systems can be installed outside too as long as they are adequately insulted against freezing.

Water softeners need to have an outside line to the drain for the system to regenerate and usually a non-softened supply to the kitchen sink for drinking water. 

If you are looking for a compact water filter and need to fit it underneath in a under-sink kitchen cupboard, the Ecopure Small and Large Whole House systems are suitable, as are the EcoSoft 8 Litre Cabinet Water Softeners if you want a water softener.


Flow Rate Matters

For the small compact systems it is important to ensure the system will cope with you maximum flow rate. Flow rate is the amount of litres of water which are used per minute. Knowing (or having a very good guess) as to your maximum flow rate is useful to know to ensure that you get the right size system. Larger systems can cope with higher flow rates. If you are looking at a small compact system, first check the flow rates. This is only to ensure you your system will have enough contact time with the water to filter as specified and not any less.


How is a whole house water filter system installed?

See how easy it is to install a whole house water filter system. The video below shows the installation of the Watts 20 inch Pro Whole House Filtration System. 


Need Installation? If in doubt just add installation to your order and we will take care of everything!