Private Supply

Do you own or are you using a private water supply?

Your water source may be a "surface water supply" from rivers, lakes, streams or lochs or from a "ground water supply" such as springs, boreholes or wells. In either case your private water supplies are regulated by local authorities using the Private Water Supply Regulations. All private water supplies are required to be registered with the local authority where the source of the supply is located. In almost all cases your private water supply will need treatment and certainly regular water testing and analysis.

We offer a full range of water treatment systems which include: Turbidity reduction, pH correction, Iron reduction, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulphide reduction, Hardness reduction (softener), Nitrate reduction, Hydrogen sulphide removal (only), Ammonia removal, Heavy metal reduction, Aluminium reduction, Organic reduction, UV water treatment systems and sterilisation.

Water test Report Analysis & Recommendations

We offer advice on how to interpret your water test results and which systems specification you need for your home and flow rate. We also strongly advise that a full water analysis is obtained, with at least Iron, Manganese, Turbidity, pH, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Nitrates, Lead, Aluminium and Coliforms. We offer a comprehensive water testing analysis service in partnership with South East Water where you can receive preferential rates for your water testing via South East Water by buying it online at Osmio Water. The water testing conducted is only as good as the quality of the water that day and we know that water quality can very quickly change both seasonally and due to several other possible environmental factors. From a health perspective alone, we always recommend UV sterilisation with suitable pre-filtration for any Private Water Supply in order to ensure the water is free from bacteria and microorganisms which have the potential to make people unwell.

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