Ecomix A Iron & Manganese, Hardness & Organics Filtration System 21 LPM

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Ecosoft Ecomix A is a range of filtration media, designed to deal with water related problems, such as Iron, Manganese, hardness, ammonia and organics in water.

Ecomix A - Iron & Manganese, Hardness & Organics 21 LPM

Ecomix is a mixture of five specially prepared components of natural and synthetic origin. The purpose of the unit is to remove Natural Organic Matter (Ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese) from water to provide you with clean, clear drinking water.

Ecomix works in normal water softeners so there is no need to replace your current softener. It also has a low salt consumption and works at low TDS, low hardness and high H2S.

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Download The Manual

Download the manual which covers the complete installation and maintenance guide for the system from the files section below.

More Information
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Max Service Flow 21 LPM
Ecomix-A Volume, l: 37
Resource, m3 (at a hardness of 5 meq/l): 5,2
Salt consumption for regeneration, kg: 3,7 – 6,0
Water consumption for regeneration (wastewater volume), m3: 0,37
Regeneration duration, min: 80 -110
Working pressure, bar: 2 – 6
Electrical requirements: 220 V, 50 Hz
Energy consumption, W: 30
Net weight, kg: 65
Approximate dimensions of the filter, (H x W x D), cm: 160 х 73 х 45
Brine tank 125L

Incoming water, parameters:

Inlet water temperature, °С: +4 – +30
Oxidability of permanganate, mgО₂/l: 8
Hardness, meq/l: 15
Iron, mg/l: 15
Manganese, mg/l: 3
Ammonium, mg/l: 4
The required level of pre-filtration; micron: 80
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Product Questions

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hi there,
what is the exact height of this unit? is the whole height 44 inches or do i need to add more height for the digital unit at the top?

Question by: eric hannon on 9 Feb 2023, 15:44
Allow up to 63" for the entire height of this unit to include the digital unit (valve) and the 54" tall vessel.

Answer by: Paulius Matevicus (Admin) on 9 Feb 2023, 18:09