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Feel the soft caress of luxurious softened water and save money in the process!

Water Softener QuoteOsmio Water SoftenersOsmio Water offers a variety of Industry-Leading NSF Certified and Tested Water Softener and Scale Treatment Systems at very competitive prices. These systems vary in the way they work:

Why Choose A Water Softener: Silky and smooth luxurious feel on the skin and hair, Lower heating bills, better heating efficiency, reduction in the use of shampoos, soaps and cleaning products, softer feeling on clothes and towels, glassware will sparkle and shine, cleaning time around the home will be dramatically reduced. Requires regular topping up of salt.

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Why Choose A Scale Treatment System: Uses no salt, no electricity, no waste water, drinkable water (no need to separate fresh water supply to the kitchen sink), zero maintenance, economical, convenient, fit and forget for up to 7 years, good minerals remain in the water, more environmentally friendly. Scale is transformed from hard scale which sticks to things and is difficult to remove to "soft" which is easily wiped or flushed away.


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