Purolite 60L Duplex Water Softener 12 x 52 Inch 40 LPM

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The Purolite Duplex Water Softener Units are suitable for both commercial and large residential applications. The system uses a 1" Clack Time Clock Softener Valve which undertakes a regeneration cycle whenever it is programmed to do so. Upgrading to a Metered Valve is available which will regenerate according to water usage and the hardness setting programmed into the valve.Please note this item is delivered on a pallet and not included in our next day delivery promise.

Purolite 60L Dupllex Water Softener 12 x 52 Inch 40 LPM

Duplex softeners are designed to supply softened water in situations where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. These systems therefore have a twin tank, so that there can always be one tank in service while the other thank is running a regeneration back wash or on standby, thereby guaranteeing a 24/7 soft water production.

Our range of Duplex Water Softeners use high grade Purolite C100E Cation Softener Ion-Exchange Softener Resin, NSF certified Minerals Tanks and the world's most reliable and well-established softener valve on the market today, made in the USA the Clack Valve, so you can ensure you are only buying top quality, reliable and cost effective equipment.

Duplex Water Softener Specification

Model number: OS1252

Mineral Tank Size (Inches): 12 x 52

Softener Resin Volume (litres): 60

Service Flow (m3/hr): 2.4

Volume between Regens @ 300ppm (m3): 10.0

Unit comes supplied with:

1.   2 off 1” Clack Metered Softener Control Valves

2.   1 off 1" Clack Motorised Alternating Valve (with duplex fittings)

3.   2 off appropiate sized NSF certified mineral tanks

4.   2 off 1" risers with bottom distributors attached and top baskets

5.   2 off Clack 1" bypass valve assemblies

6.   Either 1" or 3/4" BSP adaptor kits  please specify

7.   Appropiate volume of Softener Resin

8.   Clack wrench for valve maintenance

9.   No Salt

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More Information
ModelPurolite 60L Duplex Water Softener 12 x 52 Inch 40 LPM
In DepthComes supplied with

2 off 1” Clack Metered Softener Control Valves
1 off 1” Clack Motorised Alternating Valve (with duplex fittings)
2 off appropriate sized NSF certified mineral tanks
2 off 1” risers with bottom distributors attached and top baskets
2 off Clack 1" bypass valve assemblies
Either 1" or 3/4" BSP adaptor kits – please specify
Appropriate volume of Softener Resin
Clack wrench for valve maintenance
No Salt

Volume of softener resin: 60 litres

Approx footprint: 110 x 45

Vessel Size – Diam x Height (inches): 12 x 52

Salt Usage per regen (kgs): 9.0

Volume between regens @ 300 ppm CaCO3: 10.0 m3

Service Flow Rate (m3/hr): 2.4

Please note all salt water softeners are 90-95% efficient so some limescale will appear eventually, this does not indicate a fault.
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