Vending Machine Water Filters

To ensure high quality filtered water and high capacity for your vending machine

Osmio Water offer a wide range of vending machine water filters from a range of reputable manufacturers to meet your needs efficiently and cost effectively. The issues to consider when choosing a filter for your vending machine are predominantly three-fold:

1) Limescale build up - hard water causes scale to build up which is the leading cause of breakdown.

2) Corrosion - water is very corrosive and will corrode metals that come into contact with it and cause negative customer experience.

3) Taste and odour - incoming water contains ingredients which can cause bad tastes and odours.

By using our vending machine filters, we can ensure the following:

✔ Less equipment failures and downtime as a result of scale and corrosion

 Improved drink quality experience

✔ Reduced machine energy consumption and scale build up

✔ Reduced filter costs, without compromising quality.

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