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Taste and purity

water filtersOur mission is to provide you with healthy water the way nature intended. Bad tastes, odours, disinfectants, heavy metals, fluoride and more, can all be solved by using our systems. Achieve crystal clear great tasting and healthy purified water, a clean kettle and scum and oily film-free tea and coffee.

You can have chlorine and chemical-free showers and baths which we find can completely solve bad reactions to these chemicals and give you softer skin and hair. There are huge benefits in removing lime scale build-up and copper corrosion due to chlorine, which is the leading cause of break down of boilers, dishwashers and your other expensive home appliances.

All living things have a fundamental need for water. For these reasons water is a vital ingredient for your overall health. Osmio Water are dedicated to providing the best water filters so that you, your family and friends can enjoy freshly purified water on demand without the expense and environmental impact of bottled water or the poor results provided by mainstream systems.

Bottled water can cost up to 1000 times more than filtered water. Mains tap water can be treated in several different ways to ensure it is exactly as you want it.

We will solve your water quality problems efficiently and provide the highest quality service

tap and drinking water filterWe highly recommend using an alkaline reverse osmosis system as this removes the highest level of impurity and releases alkaline minerals which raise the pH level of water to healthy alkaline levels of between 7.5-8.5 pH. These systems are ideal for private water supplies (wells, boreholes, rivers, springs) and mains water supplies and will ensure the water is free from heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and pathogens. However, this isn't for everyone and so we have a complete range of systems starting from the most basic to the most advanced so we can meet all requirements and budgets.

We only select the best tested and certified water filters for our valued customers, so you can buy with complete confidence. Unlike traditional jug filters, our under-counter drinking water filters provide you with an unlimited supply of freshly filtered water on tap, on demand whenever you need it whilst producing vastly superior filtered water with a much lower cost of maintenance. We stock 3 way taps, so you can have hot, cold and filtered water in a single stylish solution for your kitchen.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality service in the industry and always go the extra mile to ensure your needs are fully met and expectations exceeded. From expert advice to our installation service, you can be sure you are dealing with an ultra-professional company who truly values your business.

A whole house water filtration system and water softener is what you have been missing in your life!

whole house  water filterOsmio Water have a high quality range of Whole House Water Filter Systems which produce filtered water for your entire home, meaning you can have a great bath and shower in purified water, be kinder to your skin, have longer lasting hair colour, longer lasting appliances and filtered drinking water on demand. They are installed where the rising main enters the property, to ensure all the water is filtered before the pipes branch off.

Our range of domestic and commercial Water Softeners are the very best solution to the problem of limescale. Having a water softener with a whole house water filter has consistently shown, within our customer base, to significantly help most people with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin by relieving the dryness and irritation caused by chlorine, chemicals and hard water.

Installing a water softener is not always possible, especially when renting a property. For a quick and easy solution, our Shower Filters are easily installed in seconds and give you softer skin, hair and longer lasting colour and a perfect chlorine-free shower. Shower filters are easily installed in seconds with no plumber needed and make a perfect travel accessory.

We have a wide range of commercial and industrial water treatment systems

whole house water filters Osmio Water provide a range of very high quality systems for commercial premises; restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and banqueting sectors, offices, factories, schools, gyms, sports clubs and so on.

Our wide range of high quality systems include Calcium Treatment Units (CTUs), which ensure that coffee machines, dishwashers and washing machines are free from lime scale build up which damages expensive equipment. We have a range of specialist water treatment systems for ice machines, steam/combination ovens, boilers, saunas, colonic hydrotherapy, juice bars and a wide spectrum of other commercial and industrial applications (including waste water treatment).

But it doesn't stop there! We also have an amazing range of water bottling machines so your mains water can be professionally filtered to very high levels, directly chilled and carbonated so you can bottle your own water to serve it directly to customers on tap. We even have a service to provide you with your own branded water bottles! For office and work areas as well as gyms and schools, we provide a quality range of Water Coolers and Drinking Water Fountains.

Our product comparison tables and pages make it easy to choose a system that is right for you from the wide range we have to offer. If you are looking for a point of use drinking water filter system for your home kitchen, or a solution for the whole house, or both, simply click on the buttons below to compare our most popular systems. If you are looking for a system or replacement system for your restaurant, hotel, catering business, office, school, gym and any other commercial application, browse our range of commercial water treatment units.

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