Long-Life Filters

Our fine range of long life water filter systems offer superb filtration without the need to change the filters very often, even up to every 3 years!

For ultimate convenience, we have a range of water filter cartridges and systems which offer a long life between filter changes, for added convenience and time saving. Our systems reduce a wide spectrum of impurities with advanced 5 or 6 stages of filtration which include bacteriostatic media to ensure no bacteria build up during the long-life of the purifier.

The filter cartridges can be easily retrofitted to replace your existing filter if you are looking to upgrade to a long-life system. They also make a perfect choice for a 3-way tap. Browse the range below and purchase online to be automatically enrolled in our email reminder service where you can receive a text message to your mobile and an email to remind you to change the filter every 2 or 3 years as applicable.

We also have the Osmio PRO range of whole house filter systems which offer a very long life between filter changes if you are seeking a whole house solution.

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