Single Dispensing Taps

Elegant single dispensing taps, easy to fit on sinks and work-tops

Water Filter TapsWe stock a range of very high-quality NSF certified water filter taps. Buy on-line with fast and free delivery. We provide a money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty on all of our single lever water filter taps.

Be sure to look for water filter taps with NSF certification as there are lots of cheap imitation water filter faucet taps on the market which may look very similar to our products, but the quality is no way near. In addition, cheap imitations are commonly not lead-free which then introduces the potential to migrate contaminants into your filtered water.

If you need to replace your broken water filter tap or want a better looking and higher quality tap, look no further and browse the range below. All come with free and fast delivery! 

If you do not want to use a separate water filter tap on your counter top or sink, the alternative option is a 3 way tap which connects your hot, cold and filtered water into a single and stylish kitchen mixer. We have an extensive range. 


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