Cleaning and Sanitisers

Eco friendly cleaning products

revolution is sanitisng and cleaning using only water, salt, and electrolysis (saving you money and single-use plastic)

Our daily use of chemicals causes a huge environmental impact on wastewater treatment and single-use plastic. Modern advances in electrolysis technology have now enabled revolutionary home and commercial cleaning products and sanitisation sprays.

By simply using water, salt and electrolysis you can create limitless amounts of your very own sanitising and cleaning product. These products provide both huge cost savings, replacing your annual spend on sanitising sprays, cleaning sprays and other cleaning products.

The resulting liquid is sodium hypochlorite.

We have two products, Osmio Sanser Sanitiser 2L for larger and the Osmio Sanitiser Sanser 500ml spray.

These products can be used in many areas, for example, to sanitise hands/body surface, fruits, vegetables, tableware, home, office etc, pets, toys, bathing areas, bleaching and degrading pesticides.

When used on the skin, the solution can be used as a small wound disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, can provide relief of itching from mosquito bites. When used in the house, the sanitiser can be used to sanitise toothbrushes and dentures, to sanitise baby bottles and to clean all areas of the home.

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