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Our range of whole house system produce purified water for the entire house

Osmio Water Whole House Water Filter System

Our range of Whole House Water Filters ensures the water you bathe and shower in is pure and healthy. Before buying a Whole House System, you first need to know where it is going to go and what size system will fit. Usually Whole House Systems are installed where the rising main comes into your property, so that all the water can go through the system before the pipes divert around your home. If in any doubt, just call us to discuss on 0800 002 9533. 

There are a range of Ultra Violet Systems which can be used in conjunction with the water filter systems to remove legionella, bacteria, viruses and pathogens from the water. This is especially useful for private water supplies such as bore holes. 

We also offer a range of water softening systems to treat hard water. These are either traditional water softeners (which take the salt) or they are the Softening Resin used in the One Flow ScaleNet Systems. These are more modern and have many advantages over traditional water softeners.

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