Osmio PRO-II-XL Advanced Whole House Water Filter System

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The Osmio PRO-II-XL Advanced Whole House Water Filter System is our one of our top of the range and finest whole house water filter system for those seeking nothing but the very best filtration for chemicals and metals. Please note whole house filter systems are NOT for limescale, please see our softeners section. Whole house systems are usually combined with softeners (either salt or non-salt based) to achieve great results and reverse osmosis point of use system to achieve the complete gold standard of home treatment.

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Osmio PRO-II-XL Advanced Whole House Water Filter System

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The Osmio PRO-II-XL Advanced Whole House Water Filter System is one of our top of the range and finest whole house water filter system for those seeking nothing but the very best.

The first filter is the Active Ceramics Large Whole House Filter which uses an advanced formulation of active-ceramics which are highly effective at reducing a wide array of water impurities including chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, hormones and fluoride. This filter is also highly advanced and effective at killing and containing bacteria in water such as E-coli, Pseudomonas and other microorganisms. The filter uses a unique filtration method using a patented active ceramics blend, so it has 4 different active ceramics that treat the water in a different way and is completely unique. Not only that but the filter adds antioxidants and minerals back into the water after filtering and additionally makes the water more alkaline by raising the pH value, usually increasing the pH to around 0.5 a point or more (however this could be more or less depending on a number of specific variables including the presence of certain dissolved solids and gases). This first filter is the main cartridge and is replaced every 3 years or 300,000 litres.

The second filter (which is an upgrade from the standard Osmio PRO-II System) is a 5-micron carbon block. This filter further reduces chlorine and nay taste and odour issues that may be present in the mains tap water. The carbon block also reduces certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) from drinking water. The coconut base of the carbon also makes a slightly sweeter taste which is pleasant. The carbon block has a very high dirt holding capacity with virtually zero pressure drop. The filter is rated for 46,000 litres so it is usually changed every 6 months.

The Eco-Advantage

At the end of the life of the main cartridge, you can take out the ceramics and use it to fertilize your garden to improve the health of plants or grass and soil drainage. The plastic housing can be put through your normal recycling waste.

Download The Manual

Download the manual which covers the complete installation and maintenance guide for the system from the files section below.

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ModelOsmio PRO-II-XL Advanced Whole House Water Filter System
In DepthIdeal for medium/large home with pipework up to 1” diameter.

Drink filtered water from any tap throughout the house. No need for filter jugs or separate drinking faucet.

Unit will remove or reduce chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, hormones and fluoride. Effective at killing and containing bacteria in water such as E-coli, Pseudomonas etc.

De-chlorinated water which is less aggressive on skin and hair in the shower.

Produces pH enhanced water with minerals and increased alkalinity. Increases anti-oxidants in the water too.

No ongoing maintenance or need to backwash system. Merely replace cartridge at end of life at low cost.

Post filter required for polished water and removal of sediment including dust, rust and other particulates.

Environmentally friendly due to long life nature and less going to landfill. No more bottled water. Naturally degradable ceramics which can be scattered on lawn and plants at end of life for improved soil drainage and plant growth.

The complete package comes with 2 filters in total:

1 x Active Ceramics Large Main Filter - 3 year filter life or 300,000 litre capacity. Life of filter may vary depending on water hardness and local water quality.
1 x NSF Certified 4.5 x 20 Inch 5 Micron Carbon Block - filter life 6 to 12 months depending on usage.

Full Kit includes filters, full flow antibacterial grey housings with 1" BSP brass female ports, mounting brackets with housing head screws and large housing spanner.

Housing Specifications:

Straight thread design on sump EPDM O-ring
Max Pressure: 87 psi (6 bar)
Max Temperature: 113°F (45°C)
Service Flow Rate: up to 70 LPM @ 60 psi
Inlet/Outlet: 1"
Housing Options: Pressure Relief Vent Valve
Standing pressure loss ~0.5 Bar at 2.2 bar pressure

Each Housing has the following dimensions (there are two housings in total)
24.40" x 7.36" (620 x 187mm)

System is supplied as two separate housings to enable greater flexibility when installing the system (e.g. when installing in an L-Shape or one on top of the other). Use provided 1" brass nipple to connect housings together

Head and bowl: reinforced polypropylene
O-Ring: EPDM

Flow rate: filtration designed to work up to a peak of 65 litres per minute.

4.5 x 20 Cartridge - WRAS approved.
4.5 x 20 Antibacterial Grey housing - tested and certified by IAPMO RT against NSF/ANSI 42 for bacteriostasis effect. Components tested and certified by IAPMO RT against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 61 for material and structural integrity requirements only.

The material of the spheres is approved by the Water Research Centre under the Water Bylaws scheme for use in contact with potable water. NSF approval has also been granted. The active ceramic media has been tested by South West Water Laboratories for microbiological removal and certified for bacterial removal.

Pressure Loss: To help avoid any potential disappointment with resulting pressure loss, we advise not to install this system if your standing water pressure is lower than 2 bar.
Filter ParameterBacteria, E-coli, Chlorine, Sediments, Fluoride, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals
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Updated 23/08/2023

Product Questions

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Does this model filter out hormones and micro-plastics?
Am I right that this model also remineralises the water?
Presumably it doesn't need an electricity supply?
Question by: Frosso Miltiadou on 14 Jun 2023, 15:45
It has not been tested for this, but we would suggest having RO at point of use to ensure this reduction happens.
It has active ceramic which has one ball with has a ionising ph effect to more alkaline and it does not use electric, only water pressure
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 15 Jun 2023, 09:22
My house - and 2 other houses - are supplied from a relatively shallow well. The water is now high in nitrates and nitrites and is very hard water. I have installed a UV light at the pump so should not be getting any coliforms now. My water pressure is not great - between 1 and 1.5 bar.
Will any of your systems eliminate nitrates and nitrites and cope with the pressure that I have?
I would also wish to install a no-salt softener, with very hard water how long will cartidges for this last?
If the system could work all three houses would be interested to install the system.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Question by: Susan Cunningham-Hill on 14 Jul 2023, 20:03
You can use an Osmio Zero in the kitchen for Nitrates and Nitrites. Non salt media lasts the same amount of time for everyone, since it doses 5ppm per litre of water running through it. If you have a private supply, it is better that you don't just order products but contact us to go through the process, we need to know your water analysis and other specifics before deciding how to tackle problems.
Answer by: Sharon Little (Admin) on 17 Jul 2023, 09:04
I will be fitting a Pro-11-XL plus a non salt softener in line. Can you tell me what space is needed to accommodate the above so that the plumbers can prepare the position in advance.
Question by: Richard Rowe on 24 Feb 2022, 12:33
Each Housing has the following dimensions (there are two housings in total) 23-7/8" x 7-1/4" (606 mm x 184 mm)
You will also need to allow approx 100 - 150mm for the fittings, to connect the two housings and one on each end. The housings do not have to be mounted inline they can be mounted vertically one above the other or around a corner if space is tight

You should also allow room below to be able to drop the filter housing when changing filters, you will need another 50mm in height to allow this.

We also recommend that you fit a bypass to the system to allow maintenance. (See the installation manual on the product webpage for indication of a typical by-pass installation

The Maxi-soft dimensions are Height 210 mm, Width 90 mm, Depth 140 mm, and again 50mm needs to be allowed to remove the bowl for refilling and an allowance needs to be made for fittings

The filter system is usually installed before the Maxisoft
Answer by: Davila Colin (Admin) on 24 Feb 2022, 16:41