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Our range of designer floorstanding and counter-top water coolers can provide chilled, ambient and even boiling hot water at your fingertips with bottled or mains fed filtered supplies

water coolers for officeOsmio Water offer a range of high quality water cooler systems suitable for the office, both the working area, meeting rooms and the office kitchen areas, homes, gyms or any area where chilled, ambient and even sparkling filtered water is required.

Our systems can provide chilled, ambient, chilled sparkling and hot water solutions with a range of styles and solutions to suit all budgets. Many of our coolers can be either mains fed or bottle fed or and some of them even have the advantageous option of enabling you to easily switch from mains to bottled fed, making your cooler even more versatile.

If the installation is feasible, we highly recommend using a mains-fed and plumbed in water cooler as we can provide the filters to make the water you dispense as good as or even better than the bottled versions which are typically costly and unfriendly to the environment. Save money and helps the environment.

Water is drawn from the mains into the cooler, filtered and chilled before dispensing, providing a constant supply of great tasting water for all your colleagues and clients.

You can even supply hot and sparkling water too, giving your working environment that extra quality edge. With a plumbed in water cooler you can benefit from having a more environmentally sustainable office, without the need to spend money of heavy, expensive bottles and regular bottle deliveries and having to waste space storing a stock of the large bottles.

Where you have no access to the water pipes, bottled water coolers are perfect. The great thing about our coolers, is that they can give you both mains fed and bottle fed in a single unit.


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