Osmio MiniSoft Non-Salt Softener 1/2" BSPP Female - 30 LPM - All Questions

Osmio MiniSoft Non-Salt Softener 1/2" BSPP Female - 30 LPM
Osmio MiniSoft Non-Salt Softener 1/2" BSPP Female - 30 LPM
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Is this safe to use with natural stone in bathrooms and kitchens .......specifically granite and marble work surfaces and tiles .
Question by: Nick Round on 15 Dec 2020, 14:29
The polyphosphate used in the system will have no damaging effect on any of those.
Answer by: Mark Kent on 10 Feb 2021, 19:00
Is it right that the media in the glass bowl ends up as a lump at the bottom?
I had assumed that it would slowly erode away? Please could you tell me if the device is behaving as expected?
Question by: Rory Thersby on 22 Aug 2021, 09:38
the media should slowly dissolve. Please forward pictures of installation to info@osmiowater.co.uk and we can asses if it work as it should.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 5 Sep 2021, 09:03
Hi, What is the average pressure loss after this system is installed?
Question by: Atti La on 28 Sep 2021, 12:27
pressure drop for the system is minimal - it is 0.2 bar
Answer by: Irina Orlenko on 2 Oct 2021, 07:44
Does it stop calcium build up in a kettle
Question by: Chas Meads on 20 Feb 2022, 13:26
No it doesn't. The system deals with temporary hardness, and effectiveness of polyphosphate declines when temperature reaches 70C.
You would need dedicated drinking water system to prevent limescale buildups in kettle. We would need to know your water hardness and number of occupants to recommend the right system for you.
Answer by: Irina Orlenko (Admin) on 21 Feb 2022, 11:20
Will this reduce the impact of limescale on my skin and hair?
Question by: Heather E on 27 Mar 2022, 17:43
It could be because the limescale is losing the properties of bonding which block the pores of your skin, but don't forget this is a temporary hardness system (for where water does not dry) whereas a salt softener will remove the minerals permanently from the water (replacing with sodium carbonate). If you are looking to to to best for your skin and har here is what you would use: Osmio Vitafresh Vitamin C Shower Filter, Point of Entry: Osmio Pro III Ultimate 3 stage filter system (for chemicals and metals), then any type of softener (salt or non salt if your total hardness CaCO3 is less than 300ppm). Then you would use a good RO system like the Osmio Zero in the kitchen and use the Osmio Duo Hydrogen Water bottle, as it is hydrogen we produce in the gut which makes our metabolic water, hydrating and moisturising us from the inside out.
Answer by: Mark Kent (Admin) on 28 Mar 2022, 10:19

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