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How To Install Your Drinking Water Filter System

To install your filter system, you will need some standard DIY tools (screwdriver, drill and a spanner). Of course, each system and situation is different, but here are some general guidelines. 

The first step is to decide where the filtered water tap is going to go. Usually it goes on the side of the sink, usually the opposite side from the main kitchen tap. Ensure there is enough space underneath where the tap is going to go for it to be tightened up.

Our filter systems are supplied with a "saddle value". This is like a bracket which you fasten onto your cold water pipe, underneath your kitchen sink. The saddle value is securely fastened onto the pipe, and then the handle is turned. This pierces the cold water pipe. Once the installation is complete, the handle is turned back the other way to allow the water to flow out of the pipe and into your water filter system. 

The rest of it is so easy. The water filter system uses "push-fittings" so the pipes simply push into their slots and you simply connect it up.

You can always use our installation service which is quick and efficient. Simply add it to your order and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time (fitting is usually conducted within 7 days or 14 days maximum).


How to Install a standard in-line water filter system



How to Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


Installing a Water Softener

For those seeking to tackle the problem of limescale and hard water, we have a range of water softening systems. Traditional Water Softeners which require the regular addition of salt is the norm in the UK. However, these are very old technology and there are far superior and modern alternatives which have come about in recent years through the improvements in water softening technology. The Watts ScaleNet systems use a special type of softening resin which does not filter the water or add any salt to it, instead it changes the calcium ions in a way that stops them from bonding to your bathroom, shower, boilers, pipes and so on. The last for up to 7 years with zero maintenance, are more environmentally friendly, use no power and waste no water through recharging. Better still, you will save a fortune in replacement salt as this is not required and you can drink the water too. Time to say goodbye to conventional water softeners.


Installing a Whole House Water Filter System

Installing a Whole House Water Filter System is somewhat more involved and we recommend a qualified plumber, handyman or DIY enthusiast take it on. Watch the video to see how it is done.