Deuterium Content in different foods and Deuterium Depletion

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Deuterium Content in different foods and Deuterium Depletion

Do you want to live a long healthy life? If you do, it is worth getting yourself familiar with healthy deuterium levels and what that actually means.


Deuterium is a natural element, the heavy form of hydrogen. High deuterium levels in the human body can have a negative impact causing chronic fatigue, metabolic problems and premature ageing.


Deuterium molecules are surrounding us, they are found in the air, any liquids and food we eat and drink. The human organism has a deuterium depletion mechanism, however it can only process a certain deuterium level, when its capacity is exceeded our body starts to accumulate this element.


The modern environment is exposing us to higher deuterium levels: stress situations, lack of proper sleep, overeating and insufficient physical activity which leads to obesity. All of these factors contribute to the hindrance of deuterium depletion.


The main goal of the deuterium depletion mechanism is to maintain a deuterium level of a healthy range less or equal to 130 ppm (parts per million). So, what can we do to help our self to stay at the optimal deuterium levels? There are a few things you can do to lower your body deuterium levels naturally.


Eat food low in deuterium


Why do different foods have different deuterium levels? The main difference is that plants store their deuterium in their sugar storage, therefore the lower the sugar levels of a plant the lower it would be in deuterium. This means green and leafy plants are low in deuterium and sugary fruits and root plants are high in deuterium. The same rule would apply for animal products, it all depends on the animal’s diet. If the animal is grass fed, their meat would be low in deuterium as green grass is a deuterium depleted food source. Fat cells are naturally low in deuterium, thats why grass fed animal fats and plant fats are even lower in deuterium, than other fats. Also eating diet high if fats (ketogenic diet) will promote metabolic water production (more about metabolic water in a future post).


Thanks to modern day science we know which popular food products contain low, average and high levels of deuterium. You can download deuterium levels comparison table below, kindly provided by Dr. Gabour Somlai.




Deuterium Depleted Water Mixing Table for 25ppm




  • Any salad (on average 136 ppm)
  • Beetroot (138 ppm)
  • Avocado (130 ppm)
  • Grass-fed animal meat (138 ppm)
  • Animal fats from grass-fed animals (128 ppm)
  • Plant source fats: olive oil (130 ppm), nut oils (130 ppm), sunflower oil (130 ppm)
  • Cottage cheese (136 ppm)
  • Butter (124 ppm)
  • Peanut-butter (131 ppm)
  • Cocoa-butter (132 ppm)
  • Lard (116 ppm)




  • Coconut water (156 ppm)
  • Soluble corn fibres (155 ppm)
  • Wheat flour (150 ppm)
  • Pork meat (148) ppm
  • Beet-sugar (146 ppm)
  • Corn (145 ppm)
  • Potato (143 ppm)
  • Cabbage (142,5 ppm)
  • Wheat (142 ppm)
  • Oat (141 ppm)
  • Carrot (142 ppm)


Drink deuterium depleted water

To help your body tissues to initiate the decrease of deuterium levels, you can consume deuterium depleted water. It is better to lower your deuterium levels gradually, therefore it is recommended to replace all your drinking water with 125 ppm (Preventa 125) containing deuterium depleted water for 3-4 weeks, then you can slowly go back to your regular water and carry on with the appropriate diet. We recommend to stop drinking deuterium depleted water when your deuterium level in your breathe condensate reaches no lower than 125 ppm. We consider a healthy range to be between 125-150 ppm.


Increase your sleep

Every organism is in need of healthy sleep and one of many reasons for this is that the deuterium depletion mechanism works faster during the time you are asleep. Here are some tips to promote a healthy good night’s rest:


  • Keep a sleep schedule which is as complete and uninterrupted as possible
  • Sleep at least 7 hours
  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine


Become more physically active

You don’t have to run to the gym in order to become more active, the best way to increase your mobility is walking. Start regular walks (daily walks), explore your nearest locations, get a bit closer to nature! There are many beautiful things out there, which we fail to notice due to our busy life.


Carefully select supplements

Today it is very trendy to use many kinds of supplements. People are spending a fortune on artificial substances without paying much attention to their nature. Synthetic supplements are usually high in deuterium, as they are made with regular water and carbohydrates or artificial sweeteners. It is always best to consume natural products, therefore if you think you may lack some elements, make sure the supplements you take are from a natural source and note made out of products that may increase your deuterium levels.