What happens to your body when you drink deuterium depleted water?

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What happens to your body when you drink deuterium depleted water?

Keeping hydrated is crucial part of well-being, but can you imagine, how great it would be if water would help you regain your health?

What is Deuterium depleted water?

It is water with reduced deuterium content. Deuterium is a “bad” isotope form of hydrogen, found in any naturally accrued water. On average every natural water has 150 parts per million of deuterium per litre, so every 1 hydrogen atom out of 6000 is deuterium. Deuterium Depleted Water is very low in deuterium (25 – 125 ppm).

What deuterium depleted water does to your body?

By changing the deuterium level of drinking water below the natural level, the deuterium content in the body can be kept low at the advised level (135 ppm and lower). As a result, the organism homeostasis can be maintained for long periods. Human organism can deplete deuterium itself, however, the body's ability to do that decreases with the age, any disease and deficiency of vitamin D.

Health benefits deuterium depleted water brings: 

  • Boosts immune system and detox [r]
  • Boosts glucose metabolism [r]
  • Increases metabolic rate [r]
  • Has heart and liver protective effects [r] [r]

Deuterium Depleted Water Potential effects:

  • Improves mood and memory [r]
  • Lowers insulin resistance [r]

Is deuterium depleted water safe?

Deuterium depleted water cannot harm you in any way, as it does not contain any chemicals and during the depletion process no chemicals are used. There has never been a single case of an adverse reaction to drinking deuterium depleted water so far since clinical trails from the 1980's onwards.

Safety for pets

In different animal studies, deuterium-depleted water had no significant side effects. [r] It was also safe for cats and dogs. In Hungary, deuterium-depleted water (Vetera-DDW-25) is a veterinary addition to neoplastic disease treatment.