Top 5 Home Made Eco Cleaning Products

We all like it when our home is clean and fresh. I spend a great amount of time taking care of my home and in the past used a variety of cleaning products. Every household has their favorites, and I am no exception. However, I have swapped all of them for nine simple ingredients and now making DIY cleaners for every purpose. It takes little time and effort, and it is worth it. There are three good reasons why we should look into limiting the number of chemicals we use, our Health, the Planet and Money.

2 years ago

Is alkaline water good for you? Truth and myths of alkaline water.

To get familiar with the recent trend of alkaline water you need to understand some fundamental acid-base chemistry. Alkaline water has a higher pH than other sources of water. The scale for pH ranges from 0 to 14. So, what is pH? It measures the concentration of free hydrogen ions in a solution. The presence of many hydrogen ions makes the solution more acidic, more acidic solution, therefore, has a low PH. Solutions with a small number of hydrogen ions are not acidic and have a higher PH these solutions are called alkaline.

3 years ago

Deuterium Content in different foods and Deuterium Depletion

Do you want to live a long healthy life? If you do, it is worth getting yourself familiar with healthy deuterium levels and what that actually means. Deuterium is a natural element, the heavy form of hydrogen. High deuterium levels in the human body can have a negative impact causing chronic fatigue, metabolic problems and premature aging.

3 years ago